Business Development

Accelerate your business with a holistic focus on value across the organization.

We collaborate, innovate, and deliver maximum benefits for your business, your customers and stakeholders!

Business Development (BD) is the trigger for value co-creation, steering strategic decisions, enabling growth, and enhancing profitability through customer-centric solutions and Business Relationship Management (BRM).
We focus on value to reveal substantial advantages in products and services, ultimately contributing to the achievement of sustainable BD and BRM goals.

Jörg is is a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader with over two decades of experience in BD, BRM and Sales Management.
  • Crafting robust business cases
  • Developing strategic planning frameworks
  • Visualizing potential sales and pathways
  • Assessing associated benefits vs. risks
  • Empowering informed decision-making
  • Guiding resource / invest allocation
  • Regional for growth and expansion
  • Strategic demand generation
  • Market alignment in the EU or Germany
  • Customer and partner engagement
  • Awareness of ICT/IT products and services
  • Fostering partnerships and relationships
  • Driving sustained growth of demand
  • Unique portfolio presentations
  • Extending value proposition and purpose
  • Aligning offering with the EU market
  • Leveraging BD with enhancing BRM
  • Proactively generating growth and expansion
  • Ensuring robust partner relationships
  • Introducing capabilities and advantages
  • Creating value focused opportunities
  • Building strategic relationships
  • Effective Business Development (BD)
  • Business Relationship Management (BRM)
  • Long-term value for customers and stakeholders
  • Adapting to changing needs in the EU market.