6 Month Business Relationship Management (BRM) and Sales Enablement (SE) Agreement with optional 3 Month Prolongation: supports deep tech ventures, technology startups, and companies engaged in M&A transactions for developing sales and business in Central Europe. You can structure your offering packages for the first 6 months (plus optional 3 months prolongation) with us. We define the outcome, objectives and targets of your business initiative together.

First 3 Months Market Evaluation and Portfolio and Business Maturity Analysis

  • We update on your progress in transforming ideas into success. Whether you’re venture, launching a new business, introducing innovative products, or entering new markets, it involves a orchestration of planning, financing, design, presentation, implementation, and execution. We assist in strengthening business cases to improve portfolio or market strategies.
  • Next we support with business and market evaluation and first execution, we review the investment plan and budget for sales and business development, we support you from the initial idea and concept to execution in first sales activities, online marketing and online event management for portfolio and brand awareness for progression and success in CE. 

Next 3 Months Business Relationship and Sales Enablement

  • At BestExperts, we specialize in guiding your journey from strategy to European business and sales success. With tailored support across all stages, from demand and portfolio to value and customer experience, we empower you to navigate local complexities, drive sales growth, and maximize your sustainable and long-term business potential.
  • Whether refining market approaches, ensuring feasibility, or optimizing financial plans for sales and business development, we offer guidance within a dynamic SMART and agile framework. Success depends not only on following stages but also on adapting to business’s evolution, market dynamics, and industry trends in Central Europe.

First 3 Months Result:

  • Design and create a CE portfolio to enhance brand presence and visibility.
  • Implement online marketing and manage events to increase awareness.
  • Support in refining business cases to enhance value of portfolio or benefits.
  • Assess the feasibility of the business initiative and the go-to-market plan.
  • Develop a clear strategy for business development and sales enablement.
  • Establish timelines and milestones to accomplish short-term objectives.
Additional goals and results to be defined within the first 3 months.

After 6 Months Result:

  • Assistance in planning the budgets for sales and business development.
  • Sustain enhanced social marketing efforts and organize online events.
  • Start first business relationships (BRM), and sales enablement execution.
  • Classify and approach first potential partners, verticals, and customers.
  • Offer support in executing initial sales activities, including to drive pipeline.
  • Provide support in Mid-Term -Plan for Sales and Business Development.
Additional outcome and achievement / targets and objectives to be defined.

Option Plus 3 Month

  • Continue refining the CE portfolio based on market analysis.
  • Further optimize online marketing efforts to increase awareness and stakeholder engagement.
  • Enhance business cases to maximize the value of the portfolio or benefits and USP.
  • Conduct deeper analysis to assess the feasibility of the business initiative and go-to-market plan.
  • Refining the business development strategy, focusing on sales and business enablement tactics.
  • Assist in new planning budgets for sales and business development activities
  • Ensuring resources and investment stakeholder commitment.
Our 3-month extension plan focuses on refining, optimizing, and sustain growth.

Optional CE Local Presence

As a German business development and sales enablement provider for foreign tech startups or tech investment companies, we offer several services you can add to our support for local operations and growth in the CE market.

  • We provide marketing and social media support services in German, including customer outreach, lead generation, and sales presentations tailored to the German market.
  • We assist with German marketing materials, product documentation, and websites into German to appeal to local customers and comply with regulatory requirements.
  • We offer remote support for local sales initiatives and lead generation activities, including customer relationship management (CRM), sales pipeline management, and customer support in German language.
  • We set up a dedicated local phone sales and business hotline for German customer inquiries and sales support, staffed by German-speaking telesales and business representatives.
  • We provide office infrastructure services, such as mail handling, German / English phone answering, and administrative support, to create a professional business presence in Germany.
  • We offer virtual office services, including a German business address, mail forwarding, and occasional use of physical office space or meeting rooms as needed across Germany.
  • We assist with establishing a local presence for the tech startup in Germany, including setting up a legal entity, office space, and registration with local authorities.


12 to 36 Month Business Development (BD) and / or Sales Management Agreements:

We offer individual Business and Sales as a Service for thriving technology business in Central Europe. After the initial 6 to 9 month package, and if we pass successfully the initial phase, we take over responsibility for Business Development (BD), Business Relationship Management (BRM), and Sales Enablement and Sales Management in Central Europe. Here we offer individual services tailored to the outcome of the initial evaluation and enablement and to meet the specific needs of our clients, portfolio, financial targets, and demanding market in Central Europe.

Tasks can be aligned and may include:

We provide comprehensive support to businesses aiming to grow and expand in Central Europe. Our services include from strategic guidance to execution, identify new opportunities and foster partnerships, sales management and sales team development, deal negotiation, and channel alignment with overall sales targets and business objectives, more…
  • Help businesses broaden their presence and establish fruitful partnerships within Central Europe by facilitating introductions, organizing networking events, and developing collaborative strategies.
  • Execute customized sales approaches that align with the unique needs and preferences of the Central European market, taking into account cultural nuances, regulatory requirements, and market dynamics.
  • Engage in negotiations on behalf of clients to secure deals that support their overarching business objectives, whether it involves pricing agreements, partnership terms, or contractual arrangements.
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences by offering personalized support and addressing individual client needs promptly and effectively, fostering long-term loyalty and retention.
  • Implement communication plans and collaboration platforms that facilitate seamless interaction and information exchange among internal teams, clients, and partners across Central Europe.
  • Provide specialized knowledge and guidance on managing technology portfolios, including evaluating existing assets, identifying growth opportunities, and optimizing resource allocation for maximum impact and competitiveness.
  • Conduct investment opportunities and advise on the optimal allocation of resources to maximize returns and minimize risks in the Central European market.
  • Assist businesses in Central Europe in implementing sustainable practices that align with environmental and social responsibility goals, ensuring long-term value creation and positive impact.
  • Perform comprehensive assessments and audits to evaluate the current state of operations, identify areas for improvement, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations and standards in Central Europe.
  • Identify potential risks and develop plans to mitigate them effectively, safeguarding investments and ensuring smooth business operations in the Central European market.
  • Stay on top of regulatory requirements and ensure that businesses operate in compliance with local laws and regulations governing their operations in Central Europe.
  • Develop contingency plans and resilience strategies to mitigate disruptions and ensure uninterrupted operations, even in the face of unforeseen challenges or crises in Central Europe.
  • Continuously monitor and analyze sales trends, consumer behavior, and competitive dynamics in Central Europe to identify emerging opportunities and threats.
  • Execute entry strategies tailored to the Central European market, considering factors such as market segmentation, competitive positioning, and regulatory requirements.
  • Run comprehensive communication plans to effectively convey key messages and value propositions to target audiences in Central Europe through various channels.
  • Operate strong relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, partners, regulators, and industry influencers, to foster trust, collaboration, and mutual support in Central Europe.
  • Engage with investors and stakeholders to provide transparency, communicate business performance, and build confidence in investment opportunities in Central Europe.
  • Enhance customer support services to address the unique needs and preferences of Central European customers, ensuring timely assistance and resolution of issues.
  • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of business strategies and initiatives in Central Europe and conduct regular reviews to assess sales performance and make necessary adjustments.

Contract to Establish BD and Initiate BRM in EMEIA

At BestExperts, we specialize in providing tailored services for tech startups and tech ventures sectors. Our offerings include CE market analysis, entry strategies, stakeholder mapping, communication plans, relationship building, innovation pipelines, feedback integration, educational content creation, marketing campaigns, partnership seeking, investor relations enhancement, product launches, customer support improvement, performance metric definition, regular reviews, market dynamics monitoring, agile adaptation, and lead generation strategies.

More BD and BRM …

As Jörg to:

  • identify untapped markets and segments with growth potential in CE and EE.
  • develop strategies for entering new markets effectively.
  • analyze competitors in target markets to refine market entry plans.
  • identify and categorize key stakeholders including investors, partners, and clients.
  • develop a targeted communication strategy for engaging with stakeholders.
  • establish and nurture relationships with investors, partners, and clients.
  • establish a structured pipeline for continuous innovation in products and services.
  • integrate feedback mechanisms to gather insights for product improvement.
  • create informative content to educate customers about product enhancements.
  • develop and launch marketing campaigns highlighting the added value of products and services.
  • seek collaborations with local partners to facilitate market entry.
  • strengthen relationships with existing investors and attract potential investors.
  • form strategic alliances with partners for mutual benefit and market expansion.
  • launch new and improved products based on innovative features.
  • improve customer support services to aid customer education and satisfaction.
  • define key performance metrics for BD and BRM initiatives.
  • conduct regular reviews of BD and BRM strategies for continuous improvement.
  • continuously monitor market dynamics and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • implement an agile approach to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and customer needs.
  • develop effective lead generation strategies to consistently bring in new potential customers and expand the sales pipeline.

Contract for Sales Management and Build CE Sales Forces

At BestExperts, we provide sales management and sales services including comprehensive training programs, collaboration facilitation, sales persona development, playbook creation, CRM implementation, collateral development, lead and sales automation and integration, team-building activities, KPI evaluation and performance monitoring, metric definition, scalability assessment, sales partnership exploration, regular CX reviews, feedback integration, ongoing sales training, forecasting, incentive programs, and up- / cross-selling strategies.

More Sales Enablement …

Ask Sebastian for

  • conduct comprehensive sales training programs to equip the sales team with in-depth product knowledge and effective selling techniques.
  • foster collaboration between BD, BRM, and Sales teams to ensure seamless communication and strategy alignment.
  • develop detailed sales personas to tailor approaches and messages.
  • develop a comprehensive sales playbook outlining strategies, objection handling, and product information.
  • implement new sales strategy in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to streamline sales processes and enhance customer interactions.
  • create and provide sales collateral such as brochures, case studies, and presentations to support sales efforts.
  • integrate automation tools to streamline repetitive tasks, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall sales process.
  • conduct team-building activities to enhance collaboration and camaraderie among the sales force.
  • implement performance monitoring systems to track individual and team sales performance.
  • clearly define success metrics, such as revenue targets, customer acquisition goals, and customer satisfaction benchmarks.
  • assess the current sales infrastructure and processes for scalability.
  • explore sales and channel partnerships and alliances to fuel further growth.
  • conduct regular performance reviews to identify areas for sales improvement and optimization.
  • integrate customer and sales team feedback to refine strategies and processes.
  • develop and implement ongoing training programs for sales teams to enhance their skills and keep them updated on industry trends.
  • create robust sales forecasting models and strategic plans to set realistic sales targets and ensure steady business growth.
  • design and implement incentive and recognition programs to motivate the sales team and drive better performance.
  • implement strategies to cross-sell and upsell products or services to existing customers, maximizing revenue opportunities.

Contract for Innovation, DX, new Products or Services

At BestExperts, our tech market research services cover a broad spectrum, including gathering comprehensive insights on new tech and deep tech trends, CE competitor analysis, customer segmentation, AI / ML technology adoption trends, regulatory landscape assessment, product and performance performance evaluation, tech gap analysis, innovation assessment, UVP development, CE brand perception analysis, PoC workflow mapping, partner and resource allocation planning, technology gap analysis, scalability assessment, CE implementation of new technologies, and feedback integration for effective support and services planning and products portfolio deployment strategies for CE region.

More Digital Innovation …

Ask Ivan to

  • gather comprehensive innovations on CE / EE market trends, customer preferences, and competitor strategies.
  • evaluate Deep Tech competitors‘ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to inform market positioning.
  • identify and understand different customer segments and verticals to tailor modern portfolio and offerings.
  • investigate emerging technologies and their adoption trends within the CE / EE market.
  • assess the regulatory environment in EU to ensure compliance and anticipate potential changes.
  • analyze the performance of existing products in terms of sales, customer satisfaction, and market share.
  • identify gaps in the current product portfolio compared to market demands and trends.
  • evaluate the potential for introducing new, innovative products or features to the portfolio.
  • deliver a compelling UVP that sets the brand apart from competitors.
  • assess how the brand is currently perceived in the market and strategize to enhance it.
  • map out end-to-end operational workflows to identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement.
  • plan the allocation of human, financial, and technological resources to ensure BD, BRM and Sales Enablement success.
  • identify gaps in the existing technology and operational infrastructure and plan for necessary upgrades.
  • assess the current technology’s scalability to accommodate CE / EE growth.
  • implement new software and hardware solutions to enhance operational capabilities and business success.
  • incorporate feedback from the market, stakeholders, BD, BRM and Sales to adjust product plans and portfolio strategies.

Contract to Invest, Improve, and Sustain BD and Sales

At BestExperts, we provide tech startup, tech investment, M&A, and tech venture planning services for sustainable business development and growth in Central Europe, including investors and stakeholder alignment, cross-functional collaboration, financial modeling, ROI analysis, resource and financial budgeting, risk assessment and mitigation, transparence and effective communication, development performance evaluation, continuous business KPI monitoring, local portfolio adaptation strategies, CE market product and services alignment, and continuous portfolio improvement, all while ensuring effective ESG strategies.

More Invest and Protect …

Ask Ralph for

  • develop a detailed plan outlining invests, ROI objectives, strategies, and timelines for business sustainability.
  • ensure alignment of the business case and plan with the expectations and objectives of key stakeholders.
  • facilitate collaboration between your organization and BD, BRM, and Sales teams to create an sustainable ESG case and plan.
  • create detailed financial models projecting business plan ,sustainable revenues, expenses, and profitability for BD, BRM, and Sales initiatives.
  • perform a thorough return on investment analysis to assess the potential financial impact of proposed strategies.
  • allocate resources efficiently, considering budget constraints and potential returns with ESG sustainability.
  • identify potential risks associated with compliance and regulations incl. ESG in CE and Europe.
  • assess the impact of identified risks on financial and operational objectives.
  • develop and implement strategies to minimize and mitigate identified risks and enhance opportunities.
  • develop a compelling narrative for the ESG and business case and communicate it effectively to stakeholders and potential investors.
  • evaluate the ESG performance of initial investments for developing the product and services to align with BD, BRM, and Sales.
  • identify areas where additional investment for BD, BRM and Sales Enablement can lead to sustainable growth.
  • implement systems for ongoing monitoring of Sustainable BD, BRM, and Sales performance and costs.
  • develop strategies for adapting BD, BRM, and Sales approaches based on ESG Sustainability in verticals in CE.
  • align continuously with stakeholders and BD, BRM, and Sales teams to keep all on the same aim, purpose and updated on trends and strategies.
  • identify opportunities for optimizing return on investment through ESG and continuity process improvements and investments.
  • implement cost-effective ESG strategies without compromising the quality of BD, BRM, and Sales efforts.