Inline Sales, our selected partner for Sales Forces and Sales Execution!

23 Years Inline Sales, selected partner for Forces and Sales Execution!

Beyond Tech, Elevating Sales with Human Connection and Trust

Sales is fundamentally about people, relationships, and effective communication. While technology and automation can certainly streamline operational aspects of the sales process, the human element remains critical. Successful sales often involve understanding and meeting the needs of individuals, building trust, and establishing meaningful connections.

Technology is Unlocking Global Opportunities

Adding tools or changing portfolio, even when having hundreds of social contacts will not fill the pipeline. While technology can enhance efficiency and provide valuable insights, it cannot replace the human touch in sales. Successful sales with tech strategies require a balance between leveraging technology for efficiency and recognizing the importance of personal relationships in the process. You see, it’s not as simple as flipping a switch; it’s about understanding people, their needs, and building trust over time.

Pioneering International Market Entry with 400+ Success Stories

Our substantial track record of success in aiding foreign companies in establishing a foothold in the European market highlights a profound understanding of the intricate challenges associated with international business. The engagement of over 400 international companies demonstrates our global perspective, showcasing a nuanced understanding of diverse markets and cultures. This also signifies our adeptness in navigating the complexities of international business environments, encompassing legal, regulatory, and cultural dimensions, along with our collaborative efforts with governments, consulates, embassies, chambers, and economic entities.

Inline Sales, the Strategic Partner for Comprehensive Sales Solutions

Inline Sales, an internationally positioned company, specializes in a wide array of services such as sales outsourcing, efficient sales management, interim management, recruiting, marketing, and PR. Our modular services range from pure consultation to complete operational takeover of sales and business development tasks across various industries.

Inside Sales

Inside sales involves selling products or services remotely, often through phone calls, emails, video conferencing, or online meetings. We support this as this is particularly common in industries where face-to-face interactions are less necessary or feasible, such as software sales, business services, or certain consumer products.

Field Sales

We offer solutions for field sales, also known as outside sales, involves sales representatives meeting with clients or prospects in person, typically at their place of business or another agreed-upon location. We often use this in industries where building relationships and providing personalized demonstrations or consultations are essential, such as real estate, pharmaceuticals, or industrial equipment.

Consultative Selling

We specialize in consultative selling focused on understanding and addressing the specific needs and challenges of individual customers. Our sales trains professionals to act as consultants, asking questions to uncover customer pain points, offering tailored solutions, and providing valuable insights or advice. Our method emphasizes building trust and long-term relationships rather than simply pushing products or services.

Inbound Sales

With inbound sales involves we are attracting potential customers through inbound marketing tactics such as content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and other forms of online content. The sales teams then engage with these leads, typically responding to inquiries, providing information, and guiding them through the purchasing process. Inbound sales strategies aim to align sales efforts with the buyer’s journey and leverage educational content to attract and convert prospects.

Channel Sales

When we go for channel sales and involve selling products or services through third-party channels or intermediaries, such as distributors, wholesalers, resellers, or agents., we help businesses to extend their reach and access new markets without directly managing the sales process. Our strategies include selecting and managing channel partners, providing training and support, and coordinating marketing efforts to drive sales through these channels.

Inline Sales Examples

A balanced approach combining strategies from both external sales and sales enablement for optimal results, leverage external expertise while investing in continuous improvement of internal sales capabilities.

Key Industries We Serve

  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Service & Distribution
  • Insurance & Finance
  • Consumer Products
  • Agencies, Media & Publishing
  • Production & Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Chemical & Pharma Industries

Our Approach

  • Absolute professionalism, integrity, and reliability
  • A robust network and relationships with key governmental and institutional entities
  • Expertise across all industries, evidenced by a diverse client portfolio
  • Successful track record facilitating market entry and expansion
  • Proven adaptability and versatility in serving diverse client needs
  • Trusted partner for medium and large-sized corporations, distributors, resellers, and various sales channels
  • Extensive experience in navigating regulatory frameworks and liaising with official entities

Sales Strategies and Market Entry

  • External sales for entering new markets or expanding into unfamiliar territories
  • Leverage external sales teams for cost-effective solutions
  • Utilize external sales professionals for specialized product knowledge or industry expertise
  • Sales enablement to enhance internal sales team skills and knowledge
  • Focus on aligning sales strategies with the customer’s journey for a seamless and customer-centric experience
  • Choosing Between External Sales and Sales Enablement
  • Evaluate business strategy, goals, and product complexity
  • Assess competitive landscape, customer preferences, and industry trends
  • Consider resource availability, including budget, time, and expertise

At BestExperts we aim to emerge as your business initiator and sales enabler, specialized on tech startups or technology players entering new markets. Within our assessment and initiative program, we are prioritizing a strong foundational pipeline and drive partner opportunities, evaluating the potential for a mid-term-plan in the first months to success, protecting ventures and driving business initiatives.