Streamline Your Online Tech Events From Planning to Reporting, We Got You Covered!

Join our Business Development and Enablement Program for expert assistance in orchestrating seamless online events tailored to your brand, technology portfolio, or startup tech presentations.

From defining objectives and selecting the right format to executing online sessions and providing comprehensive content and hosting support, we handle every aspect. With our services, you’ll boost brand visibility, engage your target audience, and leave a lasting impact with insightful session reporting and follow-up strategies for sales prospects.

New Event Hosting in our BD/BRM Program!

At our Business Development, we provide comprehensive support for organizing online events tailored for tech portfolios, startups, or technology presentations. We specialize in planning and executing events for tech products and services , tech content and brand visibility and user experience, as well as session reporting and management.

  • Are you looking to introduce new technologies, attract investors, acquire customers, or build a community?
  • Did you decide on the event format, whether it’s a webinar, conference, panel discussion, product presentation, or a blend of various formats?
  • Did you choose the appropriate platform or software for the event, considering factors such as user-friendliness, functionality, participant count, compliance with GDPR and security?
  • Can we support in develop relevant content for the event, including your tech presentations, demos, discussion topics, and interactive elements, making tech stuff catchy and engaging?
    Can we help to ensure consistent branding across the event platform, materials, and communication channels, incorporate your brand message and identity into the event?
  • Did you create appealing invitations and promote the event across various channels such as email, social media, and your website?
  • Can we provide and implement a registration system to capture participant data and manage access to the event fully GDPR compliant and secure?
  • Should we moderation and host with selected experienced moderators and hosts to guide the event from pure technical facts and figures to excitement and ensure smooth proceedings?
  • Can we track relevant metrics during the event, such as participant count, engagement, and feedback?
  • Should we generate a detailed report after the event analyzing performance and identifying areas for improvement?

Post-Event and Follow Up, we send thank-you messages to participants after the event and share resources, we gather feedback from participants to enhance future events. By planning and implementing improvements, we can successfully host an online event for your technology portfolio or startups, ultimately boosting your brand visibility.