Start with initial support for BD performance and BRM alignment!

We help you stay up to date on requirements, economic conditions and regulatory goals, e.g. via a local branch, sales staff or building a strong sales partner ecosystem. By focusing on these aspects, we increase performance, promote innovation and contribute to sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships for startups or expanding companies.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance, GDPR, Warranty, and Supply Chain

Ensure we follow the rules, know EU regulations, get the green light, stick to labor laws, and think about supply chain responsibility, being eco-friendly, and sustainability. This keeps us on the right side of the law and industry standards, reducing the chance of legal troubles.

Demand-to-Value Market Research and Business Case Creation

Check out the market, see what people want, and make a solid plan for our business. This helps us make smart decisions, understand how the market works, and have a clear plan for a successful start. Also, understand what our customers need, tailor our strategies to help them, and make sure they have a great overall experience with us.

Traditional Industry vs. New Technology – Behavior, Language, Culture

Think about how we talk and act, make sure we understand different cultures and languages and hire people who can communicate well. This makes communication better, shows respect, and builds stronger relationships. Also, focus on the people we want to reach, create a plan that fits the new market, and make our brand stand out. This helps us connect with new customers and build demand for our products.

Strategy, Marketing, Portfolio Adjustment, Solution vs. Asset, and Go-to-Market Strategy

Change what we offer, make a good plan for selling it, and adjust how we sell it. This way, our products fit what people in the new market want, and we can sell them better. Also, check what’s missing in the market, improve our products, and make a plan that suits the new market. This helps us offer more, improve how customers see us, and sell more effectively. Look at where we want to sell, understand the market, and choose the best way to enter it. This makes sure we have a clear plan that matches our goals.

Financial Planning and Investments, BD, and Medium-Term Distribution Costs Plus Commissions, Investments, and Financing

Think about money and how we’ll spend it. Understand costs, get money based on our plan, and make sure we have enough to keep going. This helps us get ready financially, reduce risks, and have a strong plan for our business growth. Also, plan our budget well, get the money we need, and see if we can get help from public sources. This makes sure we’re ready with money, we’re funded, and we might get extra support. Keep track of what we spend and earn. Be clear about the costs and where we’re making money. This makes sure we’re transparent about our financial side and can explain it to others.

Existing BD Networks, Channels Explored, and Partnerships Initiated

Make friends in business, find new ways to sell, and start partnerships. Build relationships with local partners and organizations, talk to government agencies, and join industry groups. This helps us have a good local network, get helpful insights, and move smoothly in the business world.

Operational Readiness, Support, Supply Chain and Logistics, Talent Skills Development, Employee Training, and Acquisition

Be ready for action, get support, manage how we get and give things, help our team grow, and find new talent. Optimize how we get and give things, make sure our operations can handle more work, and make a smooth transition. This helps us work better, have more capacity, and be ready to sell more. Also, train our current team, so they’re ready for the new challenges, and think about hiring new people with the right skills. This makes sure our team is skilled, motivated, and we can find the right people. 

Understand what’s important for our goals

Create a way to measure how we’re doing and keep an eye on it. This helps us stay on track, fix problems, and keep improving. Keep getting better. Create a system where we’re always looking for ways to improve and do things better. This creates a culture where we’re always finding new and better ways to work. Make a plan for how we’ll keep relationships strong. Figure out who’s important for us, keep communication open, and build strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners. This helps us work well with others and succeed together. Make sure our business actions match our sustainability goals Develop strategies that help the environment and communities. Integrate eco-friendly practices in our work and relationships to keep a good reputation and follow the rules.

At BestExperts we aim to emerge as your business initiator and sales enabler, specialized on tech startups or technology players entering new markets. Within our assessment and initiative program, we are prioritizing a strong foundational pipeline and drive partner opportunities, evaluating the potential for a mid-term-plan in the first months to success, protecting ventures and driving business initiatives.