Looking for Sales and BD Professionals?

Strategic Recruiting Sales and Business Development Professionals for Tech Startups, Ventures or Market Expansion Initiatives.

When seeking professional in sales and business development (BD) for a tech startup, ventures or in existing business when exploring new regions and industries, or launching a new portfolio, it’s essential to consider various factors to ensure the best fit for the company’s targets and business goals.

When looking for sales and business development candidates, especially in new tech and sustainability innovation, it’s crucial to consider their soft skills, talent, and track record of abilities to make success. Seek individuals who can comprehend complex environments and simplify solutions and leverage their networks to generate leads, close deals, and build sustainable partnerships.

Ideal candidates for ventures and tech startups are adept at self-managed business development, relationship management, and sales, with agility and openness to innovation with a entrepreneurial mindset. Clearly defining objectives, strategies and target markets is essential in finding candidates who align with your business goals.

In the CE or DACH region, cultural fit and language fluency are important considerations, looking for candidates who understand traditional industries, regulations, and have the soft skills to thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Sales and BD professionals should demonstrate strong problem-solving skills and creativity in overcoming challenges, we ensuring they can navigate complex negotiations effectively.

Freelance (Projects)

typically work remotely and are responsible for their own equipment, taxes, and expenses, they may be tasked with full-time or part-time, such as KPI, reports, performance, data-driven monitoring, operations, or on multiple projects simultaneously.

  • Freelancers are a cost-effective solution for companies, as they do not require long-term commitments or the provision of benefits associated with full-time employment.
  • Freelancers often bring specialized skills and experiences to the table, allowing companies to access expertise without committing to long-term employment.
  • Freelancers offer flexibility in scheduling and workload, making them suitable for short-term projects or tasks with specific deadlines.
  • Freelancers may bring diverse perspectives and industry insights to projects, which can be valuable for addressing complex challenges or exploring new opportunities.
  • Freelancers focus their efforts on specific projects or tasks, allowing them to dedicate their time and energy to achieving defined objectives.
  • Ensuring quality and consistency of work can be challenging with freelancers, as they work independently and may have varying standards.
  • Over-reliance on freelancers may pose risks if they are unavailable or unable to fulfill their roles effectively, impacting project timelines and outcomes.
  • Coordination and communication with freelancers, especially if they work remotely, can be challenging and may require additional time and effort.
  • Freelancers may struggle to integrate into the company’s culture and workflows, affecting collaboration and communication with internal teams.

Interim (Target)

are usually business and relationship managers brought in to lead strategic initiatives, manage transitional periods, or provide leadership in startup, ventures, during executive changes or M&A, transformation and transition projects.

  • Interim managers can quickly make an impact by providing leadership and guidance to achieve specific objectives or targets within a short timeframe.
  • Interim managers often bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, allowing them to address complex challenges and drive strategic initiatives effectively.
  • Interim managers offer flexibility in engagements, allowing companies to access senior-level talent without committing to long-term employment contracts.
  • Interim managers can scale their efforts based on project needs, providing companies with the flexibility to adjust resource allocation as necessary.
  • Interim roles are often cost-effective for companies, as they do not require long-term commitments or the provision of benefits associated with full-time employment.
  • Interim managers may struggle to integrate into the company’s culture and workflows, affecting communication and collaboration with internal teams.
  • Coordination and communication with interim managers, especially if they are external consultants, can be challenging and may require additional time and effort.
  • Interim managers if not individually selected, may lack specific skills or experiences required for comprehensive management or strategic planning, necessitating additional support or coordination from internal teams.

As a Services

contracted on a target / region basis or for ongoing sales and sales support, and may provide services such as sales consulting, lead generation, sales enablement, perform sales initiatives, drive opportunities, take account or customer management.

  • Outsourcing services can be a cost-effective solution for companies, as they do not require the overhead costs associated with hiring full-time employees or interim managers.
  • Service providers offer specialized skills and expertise in specific areas, allowing companies to access high-quality services without the need for extensive training or development.
  • Flexibility: Contracts with service providers can be tailored to specific requirements, allowing companies to scale services based on project needs or budget constraints.
  • Services provided by external vendors can be scaled based on project demands, providing companies with the flexibility to adjust resource allocation as necessary.
  • Outsourced providers focus on delivering results within defined service agreements, allowing companies to focus on core business activities without being distracted by ancillary tasks.
  • Ensuring quality and consistency of services can be challenging when outsourcing to external vendors, as companies have less direct control over service delivery processes and standards.
  • Coordination and communication with external service providers can be challenging, especially if there are language barriers or differences in communication styles.
  • Service providers may struggle to integrate into the company’s workflows and processes, affecting collaboration and communication with internal teams.
  • We’re good at adapting business and change, managing , and dealing with tricky situations, especially in the fast-paced world of new AI/ML technology.
  • Our expertise is in tech solutions, particularly in things like Digital Transformation (DX), business tech infrastructure, and cutting-edge technology, we’re experienced in finding new business opportunities, closing deals, and forming important partnerships for tech companies ann ventures.
  • We’re quick to respond to changes in the market and have a flexible approach to hiring and contracting, this means we can easily adjust and take advantage of new opportunities in the tech industry, helping your business stay ahead and meet customer demands.
  • With strong roots in the CE/DACH regions and understand the culture there well, our knowledge of traditional German industries, fluency in languages, and understanding of regional rules and regulations make it easy for us to integrate and do business. Our team is great at soft skills, like understanding values and providing excellent customer experiences, solving problems of M&A and being creative in entrepreneurial environments of ventures.
  • All about quality, not quantity, so we carefully choose and interview each candidate to make sure they’re a perfect fit for your business goals in sales and development, to boost your sales process and move your business forward in the competitive EU market.

Full Time

generally preferred in most environments, however, in the EU where there’s a shortage of skilled workers and traditional work structures offer benefits like health insurance and retirement plans, companies face challenges in attracting top talent and adapting to changing workforce preferences.


can be a disadvantage for part-time workers compared to full-time employees who often receive benefits like health insurance and retirement plans. Additionally, part-time status may limit career advancement opportunities and financial stability for employees.

Temporary (Timely)

as a top talent for temporary positions in the EU is challenging due to competition in the job market, and the preference for stable, employment with benefits. Temporary roles may also lack career development opportunities, making them less attractive to top talents.

Categories of employing or hiring, freelance or contracted services in the context of Sales Management, Sales Enablement, Business Development (BD), and Business Relationship Management (BRM) for Tech companies, particularly focusing on enabling business and sales, exploring new markets or regions, launching new portfolios, or undergoing business transformation or addling consultative approach, or sales improvement or changes due to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

At BestExperts we aim to emerge as your business initiator and sales enabler, specialized on tech startups or technology players entering new markets. Within our assessment and initiative program, we are prioritizing a strong foundational pipeline and drive partner opportunities, evaluating the potential for a mid-term-plan in the first months to success, protecting ventures and driving business initiatives.